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Creating spaces
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Development Management
From concept to completion, our comprehensive management services ensure seamless execution of property development projects with exceptional attention to detail.
Our expert team specialises in innovative conceptualisation, turning ideas into compelling property development projects that captivate and inspire.
Project Visualisation & Delivery
With cutting-edge visualisation techniques, we bring property projects to life, delivering immersive experiences that exceed expectations and inspire confidence.
Sales and Marketing
Our tailored sales and marketing strategies maximise property value, reach target audiences, and ensure successful transactions for a thriving market presence.
Darrin has developed a reputation as one of the most astute, innovative, and accomplished professionals in the domestic property market.
Darrin Leung co-founded Grow Group in 2005 as a multi-disciplinary business endeavour, a space for his continuous experimentation of his craft. His main focus being special projects yet he combines ideas of technology, luxury, fashion and architecture.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Darrin Leung is a businessman, strategic planner, architect, civil engineer, marketing director, sales director, urban designer, fashion enthusiast, artist and small luxury hotelier.

After earning a degree in civil engineering from the Queensland University of Technology, he completed a Master’s degree in urban Design also at QUT, Brisbane. While still studying he learnt his craft by enduring a successful engineering career within public and private sectors. From strategic planning on SEQ large infrastructure projects to detailed subdivision design to urban planning of island resorts, Darrin has a unique ability to bring ideas into reality. His multidisciplinary views of built environments give him an advantage in the way he executes his ideas. Coupled with his business acumen and co-business operations within real estate sales and marketing, Mr Darrin Leung, positions himself within the built environment industry, with a complete understanding of projects from end to end.

Darrin Leung currently manages $54.2million worth of boutique special projects ranging from commercial spaces, apartment blocks to luxury homes.
Darrin Leung
Special Projects